Picosalax - English

 Bowel Preparation with Picosalax - Colonoscopy in the afternoon


  • PICOSALAX one box
  • LAXADIN (2*2) tablets
  • FLEET ENEMA (133 ml) 2 bottles.


Please continue on prescribed medications up to the examination except for:

  • Aspirin or aspirin-related products should be stopped 5 days prior to the examination.
  • Blood thinners (coumadin, dicoumarol etc.) should be stopped 5 days prior to the examination under the guidance of your family physician, surgeon or gastroenterologist.
  • Diabetic medications - Please continue to take your medication and take one can of Ensure or Resource at each meal-time during your preparation for the colonoscopy, including the morning of your examination.\


FIVE (5) DAYS BEFORE EXAM: begin to decrease the residue in your diet. Refrain from eating nuts, seeds, corn and popcorn. Stop taking fiber supplements (Flax seed, Metamucil, Fibercon, Benefiber, etc.) and begin the diet without fibers.


THREE (3) DAYS prior to the examination: Begin the diet
The diet reduces or totally eliminates fiber and will include food like: Boiled chicken (no skin), Cheese, Eggs, Skinless potatoes, Steamed white fish, White bread.

Foods to Avoid
The following list of foods should not be eaten in the days leading up to your colonoscopy because they are high in fiber: Fruits Nuts, Red meat, Rice and vegetables.

Liquids to Avoid
In preparation for a colonoscopy, your diet should include plenty of liquids. However, there are some that should be avoided: Milk, Milk-based drinks, Foods and beverages colored red or purple.


Take two (2) tablets of laxadin at 4:30 p.m


TWO DAYS prior to the examination:
Take two (2) tablets of laxadin at 4:30 p.m

ONE (1) DAY prior to the examination:

Your last solid meal is breakfast. Remain on a fluid diet (have a minimum of 2L of fluid) leading up to your procedure.

  • No Dairy products
  • No Red Dyes
  • you may have fluids which include: coffee and tea (without milk), clear soup,
  • Clear juices (e.g. water, apple juice, gingerale), Gatorade, ice and jello (not red jello)


Take one packet of Picosalax at about 5:00 p.m., the day before procedure.

\Mix it with a large glass of cold water. If it heats up let it cool first before drinking.

You must continue to stir while drinking the glass of water to ensure all the

Laxative has dissolved. Drink one (1) glass of room temperature water each hour over the next three hours. Most people will have 3 to 6 watery bowel movements, usually without urgently rushing to the washroom.


Day of your examination:

Take the 2nd packet of Picosalax 5 hours before your procedure time, repeat the same procedure.

Do a fleet enema 3 hours and a second one 2 hours before the procedure (keep the enema at least 3 minutes inside your bowels). The more clear fluids you drink the better you will feel and the cleaner your bowel will be. This ensures a better examination environment.


Please remember to remain on your clear fluid diet!


Arrival at the clinic:

Please arrive for your procedure a quarter of an hour (1/4) an hour prior to the procedure time. Do not forget your insurance documents, and a list of your medications is helpful. You may wait since some procedures may take longer.


At the examination

You will have sedation. It relieves pain and relaxes the bowel during the examination.


Travel Arrangements

As you will be sedated during the procedure, you will not be allowed to drive for 8 hours after. Please ensure you have made arrangements to have someone else drive you home.





After the procedure

You may resume your usual diet and activity. It is not uncommon to feel gas cramps for a short while. Moving around will help expel the gas and you shouldn’t worry.

Due to the effects of the sedation you are advised not to drive a car, operate machinery or make legal/financial decisions that require, until the following day.

You may notice a small amount of blood with your next bowel movement if samples were taken from the polyps removed, this is not worrisome. If you have a larger amount of blood in your bowel you should contact the physician who performed the procedure at 03 6983575 or go to the emergency room.